Volkswagen e-Golf

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Volkswagen e-Golf

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The e-Golf takes a major step forward to a future of sustainable motoring. With a range of up to 118 miles between charges, it is the ideal every-day vehicle. Whether driving round town, doing the school run, going on a shopping trip, socialising or going to work, it delivers responsive performance, giving you plenty of driving enjoyment, while producing zero emissions.

If you're looking for the ultimate in driving efficiency alongside incredibly low operating costs, this is the car for you.

Shaping the mobility of tomorrow means taking responsibility for the environment, as embodied by our ‘Think Blue’ philosophy. Representing our contribution towards sustainable motoring, ‘Think Blue’ encompasses a whole range of ground-breaking technologies designed to offer optimum solutions for more fuel-efficient, environmentally-friendly driving.

Vehicles with low CO2 emissions are just the beginning of the story, however. With sustainability top of our agenda, we have designed an alternative all-electric drive system that produces zero emissions and accelerates to big city pace in just a few seconds. Incorporating ingenious technologies such as e-motors, innovative gearboxes and lithium-ion batteries, Volkswagen’s zero-emission cars are making waves in energy efficiency. Heralding the future of electric mobility, cars such as the new e-up! and now the new e-Golf have the potential to challenge the conventions of urban driving, with innovative technology, unlimited everyday practicality and dynamic driving performance.

'Think Blue’ is Volkswagen’s promise to create progressive, environmentally friendly products and processes. From concepts to designs, from fabrics to machines and from engines to the open road, we are helping to shape a more sustainable future.

By 2018, we aim to make production 25% more environmentally friendly and to achieve this, we are working with environmental organisations worldwide. It is our goal to develop Volkswagen cars that are more environmentally friendly over their complete life cycle, from production right through to recycling, than any of the competition.

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