Qualification celebrations.​

Ridgeway’s commitment to providing the best customer service is an ongoing process that is always striving towards improvement. One element of this is Volkswagen’s accreditation programme that trains staff to the high standards that the manufacturer upholds, and Ridgeway has added two recent graduates to its growing list of accredited staff. VISION caught up with the alumni to learn more.​

Travis Sandercock

The qualification is pretty comprehensive and covers key aspects of the business, such as procedure, part exchange appraisals and product knowledge. As part of the course we went to Milton Keynes for two and half weeks to cover certain modules, which was really interesting and we had a good team there too that made it all the more enjoyable.

Everyone that was accredited has been booked onto a Volkswagen factory tour in Wolfsburg, Germany this year, which should be great fun. I think it’ll be interesting as it’s one of the largest plants in the world.

It’s also a good time to be at Ridgeway following the win as Employer of the Year at the Motor Trader awards, as it’s definitely an expanding company, which is why I came on board. I knew how quickly they were growing before I joined and long-term that’s only going to open the door for staff and customers.

Marie Green

I’ve been hitting the books recently at the course in Milton Keynes, before we were accredited at Whittlebury Spa near Silverstone. As part of the accreditation we were tested in an action scenario replicating different customer situations and a written exam too, so it was very thorough. It was all filmed and then assessed after so it was a little nerve-wracking, but definitely worth it as I’m delighted to be recognised for my work by Volkswagen.

This will now allow me to progress with my career and also help in my daily interaction with customers here at Ridgeway. This could be in the way I present information and allows me to see things from a customer’s perspective, which helps me to engage with them on a more personal level.

The upshot is an accredited qualification and a certificate that is recognised worldwide, so it carries a great deal of weight with it.

Qualifications awarded to Ridgeway Volkswagen staff | Newbury, Reading & Oxford

> Newbury:

  • Neil Lovelock - Sales Executive Accreditation
  • John Taylor Sales - Executive Accreditation
  • Travis Sandercock - Sales Executive Accreditation
  • James Olney - Sales Executive Accreditation
  • Andrew Hedger - Sales Executive Accreditation
  • Michelle Crook - Accredited Service Manager
  • Chris Clare - Accredited Service Advisor
  • Ricardo Salvatore - Accredited Service Advisor
  • Ian Mackrill - Accredited Parts Advisor
  • Chris Pennels - Accredited Parts Advisor
  • Graham Seculer - Service Technician Qualification
  • Richard Fenton - Qualified Commercial Service Technician

> Kidlington:

  • Marie Green - Service Advisor Qualification
  • Saied Bourbour - Sales Executive Qualification
  • Chris Thomas - Service Technician Assessment
  • Krzysztof Cichonski - Service Technician Assessment

> South Oxford:

  • Kit Man Wong - Sales Executive Accreditation
  • James Knight - Sales Executive Accreditation
  • Chris Coote - Service Technician Accreditation

> Reading:

  • Des Fielding - Aftersales Manage Accreditation