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Welcome to 'The Vision'

Welcome to the spring/summer 2016 edition of The Vision, the e-magazine for Volkswagen in Ridgeway. If you were to tot up everything that is going on at the moment, with new product launches, exclusive offers, and a new registration plate, then you would soon run out of fingers.Click below to open your new edition...

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Today Volkswagen is an automotive giant that is at the forefront of automotive progress. Within just a few years I believe strongly that Volkswagen will be a technology company, with automotive at its core.

This transition has already started in my opinion, and it’s evident from the remarkable and cutting edge technology available on board today’s range of Volkswagen models.

So, with that in mind we’ve explored the most innovative of those developments throughout this issue of The Vision.

We also look at the sort of technology and training that is required to maintain your Volkswagen in our workshops.

It’s a very exciting time, and to cap that we will take a look at some of the products that are coming in the next couple of years.

Of course a feature of all of these is the technological advances and the ability of the car to connect to the internet, and to connect to us.

Kind regards,

Andrew Lean
Brand Director
Ridgeway Volkswagen