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What we do and why?​

Why do brake pads and discs need checking?

When you brake, the circular brake discs that rotates with the wheels are gripped by brake pads, causing the car to slow down. Both the disc and the pads are subject to wear and corrosion, so it;s important that they are checked regularly for your safety.

What happens if they're not changed?

If your brakes aren't maintained regularly you won't be able to brake so efficiently. As well as reduced stopping power, worn or corroded brake parts can cause the car to vibrate and become really noisy.

How often should they be changed?

There's no set change interval but they should be checked at least once a year. Even if your annual mileage is low your brakes should be checked yearly as they are still subject to corrosion.

What do we do?

We remove the wheels to visually check all the brake parts. We also measure the brake pad wear level. If the pads or discs are worn, corroded or warped we will let you know so we can arrange to replace them.


  • Knowing your brakes are in good working order is essential for peace of mind as well as your safety (and the safety of other road users)
  • Special offer prices with our Fixed Price Servicing for Volkswagens 3-10 years old, up to and including 2.0 litre engines.

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