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What we do and why?​

Why do bulbs need to be replaced?

Bulbs need changing when they become defective. It's important that you check the operation of all your bulbs on a regular basis.

How often should they be replaced?

Bulbs play a vital part in road safety. It is advisable to replace defective bulbs straight away. It is worth carrying a few spares with you. You can purchase a spare bulb and fuse set from your nearest Ridgeway Volkswagen dealership.

What happens if they're not replaced?

As an example, if a headlight is out, then you wont be able to see the road ahead properly. If a brake light is out then the person following you may not stop in time! You could also be stopped by the police and issued with a fixed penatly notice (usually £30) or a vehicle defect rectification notice; this means you have to fix the fault and provide proof saying that it has been fixed, at a police station.

What do we do?

During your visit to our workshop we'll check the operation of all your bulbs to ensure they're working correctly, free of charge. We'll advise you of any that require replacement - and we usually replace them for free too, as part of our Service Promise. We'll provide competitive quotes for those that dont fall into this catergory, such as LED or Xenon lights.


  • Maintain best possible vision during night time and low light conditions (i.e. Fog)
  • Increases your visibility to other drivers
  • Communicating to other road users (i.e. indicating change in direction)

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