SKODA approved Winter Wheels and Tyres

Don’t get caught out this winter.

Cold damp roads are visually no different to wet conditions in the warmer months and drivers tend not to adjust their driving style to suit. However, a tyre’s performance is significantly reduced by this combination of conditions, making cold damp roads one of the highest safety risks for drivers.

Did you know that the weather doesn’t need to be really wintery to affect a tyres performance? A drop in temperature to 7 °c or below will affect vehicle handling. Winter Tyres are designed to provide greater traction, compared to summer tyres, which means you will have no problem stopping or going this winter.

Isn’t it time you switched?

  • Stop up to 3 car lengths sooner
  • Improved performance at 7°c or below
  • Saving you money by keeping you moving
  • Get more mileage from your tyres
  • Reduce the risk of aquaplaning

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