The SKODA 1000 MBX is celebrating its 50th birthday this week

After being presented to the world at the 1966 International Motor Show in Geneva, the SKODA MBX De Luxe changed the game for one-litre autos, with a cult following ever since.

Featuring five seats, a rear engine and rear wheel drive, the iconic 1000 MBX was produced in a specially-extended facility, featuring pioneering technology across 40 production halls on an 80 hectare estate. It was here that SKODA raised the bar for leading engine and drive technology, combining aluminium die-casting and cylinder-block production, creating shorter production times to maximise output.

The appearance of the SKODA 1000 MBX never failed to impress onlookers. The windows in the doors and by the side-seats could both be wound down; an excellent perk which was unusual for the time, alongside attractive bodywork and an interior that appeared pillarless.

A total of 2517 SKODA MBXs hit the road, with 988 cm3 and 1107 cm3 engines both represented. Despite the relatively low production volume compared to the four-door mass-produced equivalent, the two-door 1000 MBX was an undeniable force in increasing the visibility of SKODA across the globe. Today, this model is an extremely desirable vintage car, with an increased price tag to match.

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