SKODA Fixed Cost Maintenance | Ridgeway SKODA

Looking after your budget too

Driving your SKODA will be an even happier experience if you've no worries about looking after it. At Ridgeway SKODA, we have a choice of three fixed-cost SKODA maintenance plans to help you budget for keeping your car in tip-top condition.

As well as simplifying your budgeting, the plans make sure your SKODA is properly serviced and safe to drive. They also provide you with a full service history from a SKODA retailer, which will help keep its value up for when you come to sell or part-exchange it.

Each SKODA maintenance plan can last for a period of two, three or four years. You can apply to start it at any time within the first 10,000 miles, so long as the car is no more than a year old.

The three plans to choose from are:

  • Service
  • Service and maintenance
  • Service, maintenance and tyres

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