Saab Platinum Service | Saab Oxford

Give your car a little extra care.

Clean Engines perform better and with the current level of fuel prices, we are doing all we can to help you maximise fuel economy. During service intervals contamination from fuel builds up inside the engine and oil systems causing your engine to be less efficient. As a result, fuel economy is reduced. Cleaning your vehicle’s fuel and oil system at service will remove the contamination and restore the engine’s efficiency, saving money on fuel.

The Platinum Service will ensure that your fuel and oil systems are clean and will make the engine work more efficiently, use less fuel and reduce toxic exhaust emissions.

To finish off the Platinum Service is a 6 month Saab Secure Warranty. It´s the advanced engineering that makes a Saab a dream to drive, and while your Saab is very reliable, occasionally repairs are necessary and can be an unexpected expense. Saab Secure covers most original mechanical and electrical components of the vehicle and offers you peace of mind for the road ahead.

Platinum Service - £399

  • - Includes Fixed Price Service
  • - Engine Flush or DPF Clean
  • - 6 Month Saab Secure Warranty

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