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Express your individuality.

The fact that they drive a Saab says a lot about a person. And when you customise your Saab both inside and out with genuine Saab accessories, or Saab approved Hirsch accessories, you can express your individuality even more, and guarantee functionality, safety and quality, with trademark Saab attention to detail whether it be a sport exhaust or baby seat.

And although it’s not easy to improve a Saab, official partner Hirsch allow you to adapt the power and performance of your Saab to suit your individual needs, so you’d need never compromise on Saab perfection.

Explore the wide range of Saab Genuine Accessories that allow you to easily adapt your car to suit all your interests and transport needs. Your Saab will always get you there and, with the right accessories, you’ll be able to bring all the gear you need. So you can genuinely enjoy your favourite interests and sports wherever you go.

Ready to go.

Looking to explore on two wheels? Our towbar-mounted bike holder features a dual lock function to secure the bike to the holder and the holder to the towbar while the fold-down function gives easier access to the luggage compartment. Equipped with a number plate holder and lighting using the towbar’s electrical socket, it accommodates two bikes or three with an adapter.

Protect and serve.

Our durable, easy-to-clean rubber cargo mat gives maximum protection to the luggage area’s carpeting against dirty, wet and soiled items. Tailor-made to extend from side wall to side wall and easy to fit, it also helps stop smaller items sliding around.

Turning point.

This discreet wood-finish steering wheel with accentuated thumb grips and thick ergonomic grip integrates the airbag module and audio control buttons from the car’s existing steering wheel and must be fitted according to Saab technical standards to ensure airbag functionality.

Divide and conquer.

Our cargo space divider simply and quickly divides the luggage compartment in two, reserving space for a family pet and keeping muddy paws off your coats and jackets. Fitted together with a cargo guard to give the car’s.

Raise the roof.

Quick-release fasteners make this roof rack easy to fit and suitably modify with special holders for your preferred sport from skis to bikes to boards and so on. Crash, corrosion and UV-tested, it’s sturdily manufactured in steel with stylish chrome highlights.

Current accessories offers:

Built-in navigation and more

Your Saab is an object of beauty, so it’s understandable that you may prefer not to clutter its interior with unsightly gadgets and accessories.

If you’ve yet to purchase a satellite navigation system, or you’re tired of having a portable device sitting on your dashboard that you have to hide whenever you leave the car, take a look at a new Kenwood system that’s been specifically engineered and customised for your Saab.

Packed with a host of advanced features, the unit fits into the space occupied by your existing audio system and includes:

  • 6" high resolution touchscreen control
  • Garmin navigation, including full European maps
  • Navigation voice guidance via your existing speakers
  • iPod/iPhone connectivity
  • DVD/CD/MP3 playback
  • AV AUX inputs
  • Free TMC Lifetime Subscription
  • Parrot hands-free Bluetooth operation
  • Optional speed camera alert*

With all those taken care of in a single built-in unit, you can relax, stay on course and enjoy your journey in an even more aesthetic and ergonomic environment.

* Please contact us for further information.

Hirsch Performance

As Saab's exclusive performance upgrade partner, Hirsch Performance designs products that emphasize the fundamental characteristics of the original car. In the process, Hirsch Performance brings out even more Saab driving pleasure, individuality and style.

In a typical Hirsch Performance upgrade, your Saab is lowered, the suspension is refined and the interior is enhanced with a leather instrument panel and racing-style pedals. And when you get behind the wheel you'll experience the formidable increase in brake horsepower that comes from precision engine reprogramming.

Saab Service Club members currently benefit from 10% off Hirsch performance upgrades and accessories - find out more here.

Accessories brochure

Are you a keen cyclist? Or a skier, or boarder? We have roof racks, holders and boot cargo guards for even the most awkward of loads. Or perhaps you prefer your sporting to happen behind the wheel, with sporty spoiler or exhaust enhancements. Download a brochure now and choose from the very best genuine Saab accessories.

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