Avoid FOMO and excite your Followers with the new MINI Hipster Hatch.

Tired of your current car not pulling in the Likes how it used to? Well, nobody will be able to resist double-tapping the new MINI Hipster Hatch.

Unveiled in Hoxton, London, MINI have finally given Generation Y what they really want; a vehicle that looks even better on Snapchat than in real life.

Instagram Filtered windows will ensure that the world always appears in perfect X-PRO II, while a twin-deck cassette player promises that the band you were a fan of since before you were born will always sounds too good for anyone else to listen to.

A fixed-gear drivetrain will have you cruising at a blistering 25mph; just slow enough for passers-by to admire the upcycled alloy wheels and wonder if the stonewash denim upholstery is Topshop or H&M (tip: it’s neither, and you wouldn’t have heard of it anyway).

The MINI Hipster Hatch is an extremely limited model, so be sure to visit www.ridgeway.co.uk/mini before the hype runs dry. 

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