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Reverse the damaging effects potholes have on your vehicle.

With potholes estimated to cause as many as 1 in 10 mechanical failures on UK roads, they can be more damaging than you think and can affect the performance of your Mercedes-Benz. To reverse the effects of any damage caused to your vehicle, book your FREE Tyre and Suspension check at your local Pentagon Commercial Vehicles dealership today.

Your FREE Tyre & Suspension Check will include the following:

  • Nearside wheels and tyres
  • Offside wheels and tyres
  • Spare wheel and tyre*
  • Suspension
  • Steering

Book FREE Tyre & Suspension check

To reduce the risk of damage caused by potholes, follow our guidelines:

> Maintain your distance - Leaving plenty of distance between you and the vehicle in front makes spotting any potholes a lot easier.

> Beware of puddles - Take care when driving through puddles, as you never know what's beneath them.

> Reduce your speed - ​Sounds obvious, but this is the best way to beat potholes as slower strikes means less damage and cuts repair bills.

> Drive over potholes with care - ​If you have to drive over a pothole, allow the wheel to roll freely into the hole.

> Check tyre pressure regularly - Recommended tyre pressures can be found in your vehicle's handbook and on the label located inside the driver's side door frame or doorpost.

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