The new E-Class - in the fast lane with active lane change assist

The next step on the road to autonomous driving

Mercedes-Benz has, yet again, raised the bar with regard to automotive safety, showing their continued devotion to developing current technology.

The latest addition to the brand’s product catalogue is Active Lane Change Assist, an innovative new system to reduce the dangers of dual-carriageway and motorway driving.

The feature will form part of the new E-Class’ Driving Assistance package, providing comprehensive safety measures to increase both comfort and pleasure when behind the wheel. Alongside Active Blind Spot Assist and Active Lane Keeping Assist, DRIVE PILOT will help to navigate the dangers of lane changes, with one-sided brake application to keep the vehicle on the right course, which is applied automatically when intervention is necessary. When the driver activates the turn indicator for over two seconds, Active Lane Change Assist will steer the new E-Class into the adjacent lane, using intelligent sensors to detect other vehicles and ensure that the area is safe to enter.

A long-range radar system and stereo camera monitor the area In front of the vehicle, while the rear and sides are continuously analysed by multi-mode sensors. Both will take into account the speed of other vehicles on the road, while the driver can concentrate on monitoring the lane change.

The Federal Motor Vehicle and Transport Authority of Germany have currently issued provisional approval for Lane Change Assist, with the EU predicted to follow now that the application procedure has begun.

The brand new E-Class and Driver Assist package will be showcased in Germany in the spring of 2016.

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