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QR Codes from Mercedes-Benz : The latest in vehicle safety

Mercedes-Benz is revolutionising road safety with Rescue Assist – an innovative new system that gives emergency services critical information at the scene of an accident.

All new Mercedes-Benz models are automatically fitted with Rescue Assist: QR (Quick Response) Rescue Codes during production. For cars manufactured from 1990 onwards, Mercedes-Benz is offering a free-of-charge retro-fit service.

How does Rescue Assist work?

QR Rescue Code stickers are fitted onto the inside of the fuel filler flap and the opposing front door pillar to ensure the most reliable access to the information in the event of an emergency.

Rescue workers scan the code using a mobile device to gain instant access to a digital display of the vehicle’s structural framework allowing the emergency services to see where some of the most dangerous systems are located, including batteries, airbags, fuel tanks, high-pressure cylinders and electrical components. It also includes information that helps rescuers pinpoint the best place to cut into the car’s body structure to extricate occupants.

How did Emergency Services get this information in the past?

Previously, the emergency services relied on large catalogues of vehicle information or data terminals on board the fire engine. Both of these systems run the risk of becoming outdated and taking up valuable time during rescue operations.

With Rescue Assist, accurate information is available within seconds, helping to ensure that trapped occupants are released both safely and swiftly.​

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