Congratulations Matt, what can you tell us about your new role?

Thank you. Following a 12-month period as Service Advisor here at Ridgeway Land Rover I was promoted to Service Manager. I was delighted to be asked and now have more responsibility within the team. The service team consists of four service advisors, two service administrators, one workshop controller and 11 technicians. Of course, being in a management role now comes with its own challenges but I’m learning and enjoying the role. Sometimes I have to take a step back and look at things from a different perspective, but we have a great team here and that helps.

What prompted the move?

It was the sheer volume of business coming through Ridgeway Land Rover. We have since recruited a Service Advisor to fill the role I left so we are covered.

How was September?

Something of a baptism of fire I suppose! September and March are the busiest periods of the year for this industry because so many new cars are delivered. This has a knock-on effect for the service team.



Hi Alan. Could you tell us a little about your background in the automotive industry?

Prior to starting with Ridgeway I was with Toyota for about 18 months. I’ve worked for a variety of manufacturers during my career, including Jaguar for about five and a half years. I also ran my own online parts business for a time too.

So, what attracted you to move to Ridgeway?

I’ve always been interested in working with Land Rover, so when the opportunity arose I grabbed it. As a group, I was very keen to get involved with Ridgeway as they have such a strong reputation in the industry, and they were voted Employer of the Year at the Motor Trader awards this year, which says it all really. That was the main appeal and certainly something that influenced my decision.

What is it about Land Rover that first attracted you to the role?

It’s definitely the hot franchise on the market at the moment and with good reason, as they’re making vehicles that everybody wants to drive. It’s good news all round. It was only when I was finally exposed to the Land Rover vehicles, and met a lot of the customers, that I discovered the amazing brand loyalty that people have. It’s all rooted in a real love of the car.

Is there anything you’re looking forward to at Ridgeway?

It’s an exciting time for Land Rover, as we’ve got a raft of new models coming out. There are also a lot of very exciting new models on the horizon, which we will see in the retailer early next year. There is always something for the customers and staff alike to get excited for.

And what do you like to do in your spare time?

I have a young family with two girls, so my time is split between being a Dad-taxi and running around after them. I really do enjoy spending time with the kids though, which is a nice thing to do whenever I have the time.



Hi Leam. Could you begin by explaining your career history to date please?

I started off in the motor trade when I was 15 years old as valeter, and worked my way up into sales in a tiny dealership in my home town. I then went onto a Vauxhall dealership for about a year, before moving to Oxford for the career opportunity here with Ridgeway Land Rover. I’ve been here for just over a month.

How are you settling in it Ridgeway Land Rover?

Very good, thanks. It’s a lot different to anywhere I’ve worked before, as everything is, quite simply, properly done. Everything we do has to be spot on to ensure the level of customer service we strive to achieve. And of course the customers can see the work that has been put in.

So, how do you think that’s viewed by the customer?

Hopefully they can see that everything’s done correctly and properly, which means we approach things in a more professional manner. This should then help to build trust and relationships with customers, which is what it’s all about really.

How are you finding working with Land Rover?

It’s my first time working with Land Rover and I love it. It’s a great brand and I couldn’t ask for a better product to be selling. I’ve always been a fan though.

What’s your favourite from the range?

They all have excellent qualities. I personally like the Range Rover Sport, but I do have a soft spot for the Defender as well. My favourite model changes from day to day, as they’re all very impressive in their own way. On the Defender, I love the fact that nothing’s hidden and it has maintained the charm of a working vehicle.

And what do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I’m fairly new to Oxford, so I’ve been exploring the area a little. I’m also quite into rugby and have been watching the World Cup.