Breathe easy with an Air-Conditioning Service for £85 | Ridgeway Land Rover in Oxford

Misty windows? Musty odours? Sneezing more than usual? Your air conditioning system can severely affect the air quality inside your Land Rover, when it’s not properly cared for.

Over time the performance of your air conditioning system can deteriorate, so to make sure it remains in the best working condition, book your car in now for an Air Conditioning recharge and service.

As well as draining and recharging refrigerant gas, our Land Rover Trained Technicians will give your unit an antibacterial clean and visually inspect the cooling fan, hoses and compressor drive belt. Not just to keep you cool and refreshed, but to make sure that your air conditioning stays at its most efficient. And because your air conditioning also helps to purify air, a service now will help eliminate bacteria and odours in your car all year round.

Book an Air Conditioning Service

>Air Conditioning Service​

  • In-car checks for musty odours and ventilation efficiency
  • Drain and evacuate the system, and visually check for oil contamination
  • Recharge the system’s refrigerant gas and replace oil removed during evacuation

  • Check operation and condition of compressor drive belt
  • Visually inspect refrigerant pressure lines, hoses and connections for leaks and damage
  • Check cooling fan operation and check that plenum chamber drains are clear and free from obstruction

  • Check the air conditioning cooling performance
  • Pollution Filter Check*
  • Air-Conditioning Gas Level Check**

Call, click or visit us today at Ridgeway Land Rover in Oxford for more information and to find out about our latest service offers.

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*Pollen filter replacement at additional cost if required. **Air-Conditioning gas top up if your system is low, at additional cost if required. We have the right to suspend or remove this promotion without prior notice. Air-Conditioning system must be operational for the re-fresh to be carried out. Air-con re-fresh is an anti-bacterial agent applied from the vehicle cabin, none of the air conditioning component parts are handled during this process, therefore Ridgeway will take no responsibility for any mechanical defects, leaks or otherwise during or after a visit for this treatment. Offer ends 31 st May 2016. Not to be used in conjunction with any other published offer from the workshop.