“It's basically an all-round improvement on the outgoing model, and we're really enjoying it. The drive is smoother, and the technology is fantastic – from the remote stop/start via your smartphone, to the speed sign recognition, which is my favourite feature. The system will recognise a speed sign on the road, and tell you how fast you should be going. Driving a three litre diesel, it comes in handy.

“We've had a phenomenal interest in it, it's an awesome car that has proven to be fantastic quality and very reliable. It also achieves 300PS, and goes like the wind.”- Harry Bathe, Sales Manager at Ridgeway Jaguar and 2016 XF driver


The all-new XF is an assertive redesign, on an already spectacular model. It’s an unrivalled figurehead in power and luxury across its class. It’s a technologically advanced, finely tuned, opulently tailored masterpiece. And if that doesn’t convince you to take it for a test drive, then read on.

ASTOUNDING INNOVATION - Cutting-edge, intuitive, supportive

The XF’s awesome technology is not just stoking the fires under the bonnet, it’s laid out at your fingertips. InControl Touch, the XF’s infotainment system, boasts an optional 10.2 inches of responsive touch screen, and a feast of functions.

  • Key functions are displayed as default, with a host of smart apps and functions including navigation a swipe or stretch away
  • Head-Up Display system laser-projects vital information on the windscreen
  • System features fast response times and a contemporary interface

EXEMPLARY DYNAMICS - Lightweight, instinctive, responsive

It’s one of the lightest in its class thanks to Jaguar’s Aluminium Intensive Architecture, and this not only helps to skyrocket efficiency, bringing emissions down to 104g/km CO2, but also creates an incomparably dynamic drive.

  • Front double wishbone and rear link suspension systems combine to deliver a unique level of comfort and handling
  • Adaptive Dynamics will ingeniously adapt the all-new XF to suit your own driving style
  • Configurable Dynamics gives you even more chance to customise your drive
  • MASTERFUL DESIGN - Comfortable, spacious, luxurious

    It takes a true craftsman’s eye to achieve the level of design in a modern Jaguar, and for the last 16 years that eye has belonged to Design Director Ian Callum, who in the new XF has delivered comfort, style and luxury like never before.

  • At the press of the pulsating red ‘start’ button, air vents rotate towards you, the selector rises smoothly, and the engine growls – all in perfect choreography
  • Comfortable, tailored rear seats are given best in class knee room
  • Natural light is maximised to give an airy, spacious aura inside

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