Re-inventing the wheel: Jaguar Classic and Pirelli have joined forces to design an all-new package.​

Engineered to perfection, Jaguar Classic and Pirelli are creating a brand new wheel package for the classic XJ220, using the latest tyre technology to further enhance Jaguar’s time-honoured sports car.

The Jaguar XJ220 was originally created between 1992 and 1994 by a team of engineers dubbed the ‘Saturday Club’, on account of the project being wilfully adopted in their spare time. Aiming to create an up-to-date version of the Le Mans-winning cars from the 50s and 60s, the end goal for the XJ220 was to be an innovative supercar; comfortable both on the racing and track and the road, with speeds of over 200mph. The team achieved their goal, with the XJ220 holding the Nurburgring lap record in 1992; a blistering time of 7:46:36 seconds, which remained unbeaten for almost 10 years.

Bearing in mind the XJ220’s incredible history, Pirelli were the ideal partners to create unstoppable performance tyres to intensify the vintage project. The ‘P Zero’ is commonly used by Pirelli at the top level of motorsport, but has been reformulated to suit the XJ220, using the latest compounds and technologies to produce high performance and reliability. Internal damping within the tyre will reduce shock and noise, while still offering precise control and maximised comfort.

Set to be a long-term relationship, Jaguar Classic and Pirelli intend to boost further models using a similar strategy, making their appeal and practicality truly timeless.

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