Laura Whiting | Senior Service Advisor

Do you have a specific approach to customers?

You have to always start with the basics. I think it goes back to how you would want to be dealt with yourself. If I get a customer that leaves here happy and satisfied, then it’s also job satisfaction for me, and I know I’ve done my job correctly.

It’s also about building relationships really, there are a lot of customers I’ll greet with their names and I think people really appreciate that. Even some of the customers’ reports mention that specifically, and I think it’s that extra bit that really makes a difference.

How long have you been with Ridgeway?

I started in April 2014 as a Service Advisor, and then that November I became Senior Service Advisor. So I must have made an impression! In this role they’ve put a lot more faith in me, so when Chris [Webb, Service Manager] isn’t here, I’ll manage the customers that come in, and I’ll manage the front desk. It’s a little more responsibility and I’ll make decisions as I need to.

What is the mood in the retailer now?

There’s a bit of a buzz at the moment because everyone’s going on their driving experiences in the F-PACE. I’m very excited for mine, I can’t wait. You get to take it offroad and really push it to its limits, and get thrown around a bit. A little way down the line I’d love to own one!