Jaguar Land Rover have begun on-the-road testing of autonomous vehicle technology.

Using a fleet of over 100 vehicles across four years, Jaguar Land Rover have begun the ‘real world’ testing of its Connected and Autonomous Vehicle Technologies.

The first tests will assess vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communications, which will see cars not only communicate with each other, but with road signs and traffic lights, potentially cutting the risk of accidents and timely congestion delays. A safer world on the road is on the horizon, with autonomous vehicles constantly on high alert, with no distractions or human error.

‘Roadwork Assist’ will use a forward-facing stereo camera to create a 3D view of the road ahead, highlighting objects such as cones and barriers and tailoring a safe, convenient path through roadworks. Alongside this, ‘Safe Pullaway’ technology will use a camera to detect a car’s immediate front, with automatic braking in the instance of an unexpected obstacle; similarly, an ‘Over the Horizon Warning’ uses independent communication to detect hazards from around blind turns. In addition, an ‘Emergency Vehicle Warning’ is planned to connect emergency vehicles to passenger cars, allowing the vehicle itself to detect ambulances, police cars and fire engines before their sirens would be visible or audible to drivers.

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