Jaguar Land Rover to trial pioneering ‘Connected Corridor’ technology

A 41-mile ‘living laboratory’ project on UK roads will see Jaguar Land Rover help to develop ground-breaking Connected and Autonomous Vehicle technologies.

The route will be equipped with extensive roadside communications equipment, enabling a three-year project to test a fleet of 100 connected and automated cars, including five Jaguar Land Rover research vehicles. This will result in greater development of communication between cars and roadside infrastructure, allowing for a future of unparalleled safety and driving pleasure.

Connected and Autonomous Vehicle Technology will allow vehicles to be responsive to traffic flow and avoid congestion, as well as making lane-changing and negotiating junctions safer, by allowing vehicles to ‘talk’ to each other and warn of hazards in advance.

Warning messages that are currently displayed on a road’s overhead gantry will, with successful research, be available on a car’s dashboard, as well as receiving information regarding emergency vehicles, allowing cars to pull over safely and in good time.

The project is set to cost £5.5m and predicted to dramatically overhaul the efficiency of UK road use.

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