​Four Wheel Alignment | Ridgeway Jaguar Oxford

What we do and why?

Why is it required?

If the wheels aren't aligned your tyres will wear unevenly and handling will be affected.

How often should this be undertaken?

There is no set interval for this job. We should recommend that we test the alignment of your wheels in reaction to the following: An unusual, uneven tyre wear pattern. If you were concerned about an impact that you have had in your Jaguar (knocks, curbing or hitting pot holes).Or if you advised us that your car was pulling to one side (not driving straight) or your steering wheel was vibrating excessively.

What happens if it's not carried out?

The vehicle may pull to one side, the steering wheel may vibrate and you may constantly have to move your steering wheel to keep your car travelling straight ahead.

What do we do?

We will perform an Express Visual Check (EVC) for any visual wear and tear. We will then check the tracking, caster, camber and thrust angle of your wheels on our Four Wheel Alignment machine, adjusting anything as required. We then re-test your Jaguar and road test it before providing you with an accurate diagnostic print out to take with you.


With the wheel system aligned properly:

  • Bumps are more efficiently absorbed for a smoother ride
  • Fuel economy and road handling are improved
  • You will successfully reduce uneven tyre wear.

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