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What we do and why?

Why does it need to be changed?

The cambelt is one of the hardest working components in your engine. It's a rubber-toothed belt that drives major parts of the engine and keeps everything synchronised. Changing it prevents snaps, cracks and tears which in turn minimises the risk of major engine damage.

How often does it need to be changed?

Your cambelt needs changing when it reaches the age or mileage limit recommended by Jaguar UK. The recommended age for a cambelt change is once every 10 years. Alternatively once every 144,000 miles for 2.2 litre vehicles, once every 105,000 miles for 2.7 litre vehicles, or once every 112,000 miles for 3.0 litre vehicles.

What happens if it's not changed?

The belt can go slack, causing it to snap or jump, this can cause severe damage inside the engine. The vehicle will break down and it could cost you several thousand pounds to repair.

What do we do?

We strip down the relevant components of the engine and renew the belt and cambelt tensioner. Then we reassemble the engine and road test your vehicle before recording it in your service book.


Peace of mind knowing:

  • Excessive wear to your engine and snapping of the belt have been prevented and therefore your engine life is prolonged

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