BMW’S “ReachNow” car-sharing programme is to offer new perks to on-demand mobility services. 

Based on the European service “DriveNow”, BMW’s bespoke car-sharing service is to be rolled out in Seattle with a range of brand new, forward-thinking options.​

A fleet of 370 BMW and MINI vehicles (20% being BMW i3 electric cars) will be part of the Seattle scheme, with plans to expand into further American cities. The concept of “on-demand mobility” is actioned using a range of innovative provisions, ready to fit in to busy, metropolitan lifestyles and provide convenient solutions to everyday mobility issues.

The first of the new services to be made available by ReachNow will include a vehicle delivery service, long-term rental with spontaneous extension, car sharing for closed user groups, the option to rent your own car to others, as well as chauffeur service.

New users can register via smartphone, with a standard vehicle rental charge of 0.49 USD per minute while on the road, and a parking rate of 0.30 USD per minute. All prices are inclusive of insurance, petrol, electricity, parking costs, taxes and fees.

The DriveNow service in Munich, Berlin, Dusseldorf, Cologne, Hamburg, Vienna, London, Copenhagen and Stockholm has already contributed to significant reduction of traffic congestion, with the ReachNow service expected to have similar benefits in the USA.

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