BMW Fast Lane Service 

Make sure your BMW is back on the road as soon as possible

Introducing Fast Lane Service

Every BMW belongs on the road. With Fast Lane Service, you can make sure your BMW is back there as soon as possible.

BMW Fast Lane Service Accommodates Your Busy Life.

  • Our BMW Technicians can carry out a surprising range of service & maintenance tasks within 90 minutes.
  • Without the need for collection & delivery or a loan car, we can offer the very earliest appointment date.
  • With you on hand during your car's visit, our service staff can consult with you instantly.

With all work completed, your BMW will be back where it belongs - on the road. And all within 90 minutes.

First Class Hospitality

While you are with us, you can choose to:

  • Make your short stay productive thanks to our free Wi-Fi access.
  • Browse our range of Genuine BMW Accessories and Lifestyle products or even test drive a new BMW.
  • Simply sit back in comfort with a cup of tea or coffee and enjoy our customer lounge.

Whatever your preference, with BMW Fast Lane Service our attentive staff will help you make the very most of your time with us - as short as it may be.

Fast Lane Process

There are four steps to Fast Lane Service:

Contact our Service Department.
Our team will immediately check whether the work can be completed as a Fast Lane Service, how long it is expected to take and how much it will cost.

Bring in your BMW.
You arrive prior to the appointment time and your BMW is checked in immediately so work can begin without delay.

Enjoy our hospitality.
Relax, finish some work, enjoy the wide range of facilities and your short stay can be productive.

Drive away.
With all work completed within the agreed time, your BMW is ready for the road.

Customer Facilities

The following facilities are available:

  • TV
  • Wi-Fi
  • BMW Lifestyle Boutique
  • Test drive
  • Showroom
  • BMW Financial Services
  • Vehicle Consultation
  • Accessories
  • Customer Lounge

Please note, the above list is not exhaustive - speak with us to acquire a list of any additional facilities that we may be able to offer.

Call, click or visit us today at Ridgeway BMW in Bournemouth, Hampshire or Salisbury for more information and to find out about our latest service offers.

Ridgeway Bournemouth BMW 01202 983748

Ridgeway Hampshire BMW 01256 441792

Ridgeway Salisbury BMW 01722 622106