Windscreen Care, Winter Care & Damage Prevention 

How to take care of your windscreen

Windscreen wiper effectiveness can be improved through the correct fitting of blades paired with recommended washer fluid, which is produced specifically to remove oil and grit from your windscreen.

Clean the wiper blades with BMW Car Shampoo or with soapy water. For optimum performance we recommend that windscreen wipers are replaced twice a year if necessary, before and after the cold season. This is particularly important for cars with rain sensors.

Winter care
Ensuring that the fuel tank is kept full in cold weather will reduce the chance of condensation forming inside the fuel tank. The water produced through condensation will dilute the fuel and could make the engine less efficient and possibly make it stall.

Damage prevention
When parking under a tree, or near a railway crossing is unavoidable, there are things you can do to prevent damage from arising. Through the purchase of a Series specific BMW Car Cover, your vehicle will be safely and firmly protected from settling particles and potentially corrosive matter.

When loading your car - take care to protect the bumper and sill of your boot otherwise it could become scratched or dented. A BMW boot protector can be purchased to prevent this aesthetic damage from occurring.

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