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Your BMW knows exactly when the next servicing appointment is coming up and informs you about any maintenance requirements. Your selected Ridgeway BMW Service Centre will call you to arrange an appointment.

As soon as your BMW requires maintenance, all service-related data is relayed to your selected BMW Service Centre by Automatic BMW Teleservice Call. We can then analyse the information and call you to arrange an appointment. The data provided allows us to assess the amount of work required and, for example, make sure any spare parts needed are ordered on time. You only drive to the workshop if you have to – where you’ll meet well-prepared service staff who know exactly what has to be done.

How it works

Condition Based Service (CBS) sensors monitor fluid levels (e.g. engine oil) or wear-and-tear components (e.g. brake pads). If service is needed, your BMW automatically relays all service-related data to your BMW Service Centre and a specialist will call you to make an appointment. Due to the accuracy of the data relayed, the service team can make sure they are ideally prepared, and have all necessary components for your vehicle, well in advance, which drastically reduces the time your BMW has to spend at the Service Centre.

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Wherever you are, your Ridgeway BMW is at your side – with professional remote diagnosis as well as quick problem resolution via remote electronic error correction. To ensure your mobile devices and media players continue to work optimally with your vehicle, BMW Teleservice Update provides the latest driver units and software for download. And BMW Teleservice Battery Guard monitors the energy level of your BMW. 

Whatever happens, you’re in good hands − with BMW Teleservices from BMW ConnectedDrive.

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