The piloted Audi A7 has shown the thrills of automated driving with “Jack”.​​

If you’ve ever felt the stress and fatigue of city driving, you’ll understand the necessity of the research behind “Jack”, the Audi technology platform used to create the A7 piloted driving concept.

Developed to increase the pleasure and convenience of travelling by car, “Jack” has been showing off its riveting expertise to a keen audience, demonstrating its impressively natural interaction with other road users. Then end goal of the “Jack” concept is to create an entirely safe and convenient alternative to human control; an automated driving experience to revolutionise road use.

“Jack” uses many techniques to mimic a controlled human response. For example, during autobahn testing, hazards were negotiated using natural indicators such as leaving wide lateral gaps and moving closer to the road markings to suggest intention to change lane. These navigation systems are so sophisticated that “Jack” is able to cooperate with other motorists; for instance, choosing to accelerate or brake when other vehicles attempt to merge into its lane, taking into account the most cordial result for all users.

The nucleus of piloted driving is ZFAS, a series of high-performance processors which create a central driver assistance controller. These processors take into account a host of data from various real-time sensors, creating a map of the car’s landscape and therefore negotiating traffic as precisely as possible.

The development of this technology is leading towards all cars being ‘networked’; innovative solutions could allow all vehicles to ‘talk’ to each other on the road, advising of their intentions and creating a far safer and more efficient world of motoring. Using the A9 autobahn as a digital test site, Audi and its partners are able to test the internal composition and modified material of roadside posts, as well as studying adapted traffic signs which also allow test vehicles to map their position.

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