The Audi Connected mobility concept has found a novel way to negotiate urban traffic.​

Unveiled at Auto China 2016 in Beijing, Audi’s new concept vehicle provided an innovative solution to mobility issues in megacities with heavy traffic and road restrictions.

Modelled on the Q3 - Audi’s premium compact SUV - the concept car features an integrated longboard in the rear bumper, which can be conveniently stored and removed. The longboard is powered electronically and charged by the car itself when its storage compartment, so jumping aboard and nipping past traffic jams is blissfully easy.

Reaching speeds of up to 18mph and holding its charge for over seven miles, the board can also be used in “scooter mode”, with a raised handle bar and attached phone to display navigation data. The speed of the scooter can also be adjusted via a remote control on the handlebar grip, while in “Sports Mode” the board can be controlled via hand-held remote control. In a third mode, the board will diligently follow its owner via wireless connection to a smartphone or watch, while carrying any baggage aboard its carbon fibre and aluminium deck.

The infotainment system on the Audi Connected concept is also linked to the user’s smartphone calendar, with the fastest travel routes relayed using real-time data. Parking options are also provided for optimum longboard use (where this method is most convenient, of course), to ensure that urban travelling is as smooth and simple as possible.

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