Funding your Audi with Ridgeway | Explanation videos to give you an informed choice

At Ridgeway Audi in Newbury and Oxford, we recognise that every customer is different, which is why our Audi finance package are individually tailored to ensure you benefit from the right deal for you.

Learn more about our range of finance products to find a finance package that suits you. Alternatively, browse our some example finance offers by selecting the 'Offers' tab.

Solutions (PCP)

Solutions (Personal Contract Purchase) is a flexible product from Audi, allowing you get a higher specification model or reduce your outgoings. An inspired idea that lets you drive more car for your money.

Solutions allows you to:
  • Finance the whole car - but only pay for some of it while using it
  • Decide on duration of the plan (between 18-48 months)
How it works:
  • We agree a deposit amount with you.
  • We fix your monthly repayments in line with your budget.
  • At the end of the contract you can choose to keep your Audi, trade it in for a different model or return the car to us.

    Hire Purchase

    Hire Purchase is ideal if you want eventual ownership of your Audi. Simply put down a deposit and the remaining balance is divided equally over the duration of the loan.

    Hire Purchase allows you to:
    • Set monthly repayments with no mileage limits
    • Build in servicing and maintenance costs, and pay for accessories
    How it works:
    • We agree a deposit amount with you.
    • We set fixed monthly repayments (of up to 60 months).
    • After final repayment, the Audi is yours.

    Contract Hire - Buying an Audi for business use

    If you’re interested in hiring your Audi for business use, then our Contract Hire Plan may be perfect for you.

    Audi Contract Hire makes hiring easy. There are no complicated forms to fill in or number crunching to do. All it requires is an initial deposit then fixed monthly payments.

    We'll also handle all vehicle maintenance, and at very competitive rates.

    To find out more regarding funding options for your next New or Used Audi contact our experienced advisors who can provide information and guidance on what option will suit you and create a bespoke Audi finance package to get you in the driving seat of a new or used Audi.

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